Preventing the nightmare scenario: Software quality for IT projects

If there isn’t time to do it correctly from the start, why is there always time to fix the mistakes that could have been prevented from the onset? Avoiding risky shortcuts will prevent nightmares in IT projects. To make sure that little oversights don’t result in project killing mistakes, software quality should come first and remain a high priority throughout the project.

Traditional manners for testing is not very efficient. Often times, it results in a lot of rework.

Planning for three cycles of testing is quite common. Unfortunately, discovering that re-tests and rework cause testing to “˜spill over’ into later test stages is also quite common too. As rework is discovered, quality assurance costs rise because much of the test team’s time is spent testing or re-testing reworked code. Accordingly, the proportion of time that testers spend focussing [sic] on new functionality or system behaviour can drop dramatically. Treating all products delivered through the project lifecycle as testable (assurable) items is a better approach. Just like the code, documents and other artefacts [sic] are part of the overall solution, improving quality by addressing technical and business risk factors early in the lifecycle delivers higher quality software and projects. [source]


Prevention almost always costs less and is more effective than a cure, and that is just as true in IT. Building in quality from the very beginning of a project helps prevent defects that strain budgets and schedules.


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