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What Happens After a Project Fails?

Picture this:

You and your team just spent 3 months of long hard work heaping out a great deal of ideas, getting together your latest and leading project…. and it nose-dives.

What’s next? Do we call it a day and all go home?
The first person that is going to get blamed is the Project Manager, so they better be ready to explain what happened.

One question the PM is going to be asked is, “why did you not trigger a “shout” the moment you anticipated delay/failure?”

A good response as a PM to the QA team would be, “why are you not running frequent Quality project updates?”
What it comes down to is that the problem is still not being solved no matter how much we sit and bicker about it.

So, what do we next?

  • Recheck all the requirements from the customer to make sure nothing has changed.
  • Is there still time to redo the project? Most likely, the answer will be YES!
  • Did you use the correct resources? Go back and check.



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