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How can you retain high quality standards even when cutting costs?

In October 2010 the NHS delivered a strategic review decreeing that 10% cuts must be made across the board. As a result ImprovIT has been in dialogue with a number of UK Trusts who are all facing the same challenge.

As the CEO of one hospital in northern England told us: “We have to make 10% cuts, how am I supposed do this without damaging front line services?” Another Head of IT said to us: “Everything we could take out of our budget we already have. All we can do now is cut more staff or delay projects, but the problem is this may have a negative impact on long-term efficiencies.”

Are Trusts’ IT departments running as lean as possible? Is there room for improvement?

To answer this, ImprovIT undertook an NHS-wide study to look at the overall spend on IT including aspects such as desktop costs. The survey, completed in March 2011, involved over 60 Trusts from smaller acute trusts to large teaching hospitals*.

Comparisons were then made between the Trusts themselves, and also with peer organisations (those of a similar size and scale of IT environment) in the NHS generally and across the commercial sector using ImprovIT’s extensive benchmarking database.

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