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What is Vericenter? How Does It Work?

Our blog focuses on QA and testing and related topics. Did you know Computer Aid has a robust QA and testing solution available through our Delaware Solution Center?

Called Vericenter, this offering allows us to offer enterprise-wide testing, quality assurance, and complex integration services. But why is Vericenter so different?

Vericenter delivers high-quality and cost-effective quality assurance solution to support testing needs enable our clients to focus on strategic business initiatives through:

  • Repeatable QA Process and Artifact Improvements
  • Leveraged Variable QA Staffing Team (Onshore / Offshore);
  • Detailed Dashboard and Metrics
  • Minimize costs by staffing flexible resources to address project needs
  • Root Cause Analysis for Cost and Defect Savings

As a result, our clients experience reduced costs (Vericenter delivers a 25% savings in the SDLC), increased effectiveness (through process improvements, automation, and metrics), and reduced risks (mitigation of system down-time and application errors through structured testing practices).

Take a look around for yourself. Let us know what you think about our work and services. By all means, contact us if you think you have a project that would be mutually beneficial.

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