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How Do You Develop an Automation Development Lifecycle?

Recently, we shared with you the steps for developing a compelling case for test automation. That leaves us with the question – How do you develop an Automation Development Lifecycle? Bob Galen proposes the answer in his article, “Establishing Your Automation Development Lifecycle”.

In Galen’s own words, his purpose for writing the article is:

… to help you “connect” your automation efforts to traditional SDLC activities. While some test teams are getting better at it, I still see far too many clients that manage their automation outside of good software development practices. I’d like to see that trend change much more aggressively. Read More>>

Bob’s four key points during the article include the following:

1) Establish the major drivers for creating an Automation SDLC

2) Explore a few of the key success criteria behind a solid Automation SDLC effort

3) Review Automation SDLC extensions from your own product SDLC

4) Finally, consider how to integrate automation correctly with your mainline development efforts Read More>>

He goes into a great deal of depth on each of his key points…too much depth for an online blog. We encourage you to go and read the article and then come back to our blog ready to discuss your views on how to best develop an Automation Development Lifecycle.

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